Igor’s Clean Cuts

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Shaving is art

Know the details of all the styles and choose your look accordingly

Clean Shave

This is a cleancut look where there is no trace of facial hair (mustache or beard), with the exception of eyelashes & eyebrows of course. A clean-shaven look requires a lot of confidence as it flaunts your natural facial features such as jawlines, skin quality, etc.


This is a very popular shaving style best suited for a formal look. In the case of chevron, the entire top lip is covered by a mustache. Ideally, there should be no trace of a beard.


A goatee adds personality a look. If you choose to sport a goatee it must be very well maintained.  A goatee is referred to as a “padlock”, as it consists of a mustache connected to a well-trimmed beard.

We also perfectly groom full beards so that they’re kempt and evenly cut all around.

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