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There is a varied assortment of hairstyles for you to choose from. No matter your selection, our expert stylists will perfectly deliver you the style of your preference to your complete satisfaction. Our performance here at Igor’s Clean Cuts is so amazing and our prices so affordable that our clients generally tip the stylist more than 100% the actual price of the services provided. Listed below we have provided a glimpse of a few of the popular hairstyles to choose from.


This has become a very popular style in recent times. A quiff can be either bold or subtle. Our high-end stylists provide you with the perfect quiff. This style is of long hair on the top with relatively short hair on the sides and back. The hair on the top is combed backward to add a classic look to the style.


The undercut is another popular hairstyle among today’s youth. This style consists of the hair around the back of the head and the sides cut short while the hair on top is left relatively long. There are options in completing an undercut, as it can be performed in both curly and messy hair.


This is also known as the Elvis cut. With a pompadour hairstyle you sport a dapper, slick look. It has hair all around the head which is left longer at the top. A pompadour allows for the hair to be poufed. The pompadour cut goes with just about everyone, but best suits clients with round faces, short foreheads, and slightly protruding cheekbones.

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